Enroll New Student

To enroll a new student at Lineville Elementary School, the following paperwork must be provided:

-Birth Certificate

- Two(2) proofs of residency

-Up-to-date AL immunization record

-Photo ID of person enrolling student (must be parent or legal guardian)

-Cusody Paperwork (if applicable)

-Withdrawal papers/grades if transfering from another school system.

Once you have all of this documentation, please call the school at 256-396-1420 to speak with our counselor, Mrs. Morrison, or email her at morrisona@clayk12.org

ADA Compliance

To Our Users: Please be informed that the webmasters for Clay County School system are currently working toward ADA compliance with our websites. Our technology committee has developed a comprehensive plan to assess and identify any issues related to ADA compliance, and work toward solutions. Please be patient with our development, as we work to better serve you.