Principal's Corner

7 years ago

Welcome to Lineville Elementary School's Principal Corner. 

At LES we believe that Learning Encourages Success

Lineville Elementary School
Mission Statement

At Lineville Elementary School, our mission is to put forth our best effort to educate every child every day. We will provide every student with a secure, clean, and healthy environment that is inviting, motivational, and academically appropriate. We will provide a curriculum and utilize teaching strategies that will give each student, regardless of ability , the opportunity to master academic competencies enabling them to perform competitively with students at any other school and perform at or above their ability level on standardized tests. We will seek to instill character and self discipline in every child and promote a positive attitude toward learning at all times. We strongly believe that it is the shared responsibility of the student and family unit in addition to the school to work together in cooperation to achieve these goals.